When you hear the name Old Town, the words Quality, American Made and Rugged come to mind. 

Established in 1898, Old Town is one of the Oldest and most reputable companies building paddle

craft. Initially known for building the best Canoes in the world, Old Town now has some of the best

and most comfortable Kayaks on the water. Watch our in-house produced Old Town videos to

learn more about the current Kayaks and Canoes being offered. Visit our store to see all

Old Town Kayaks and Canoes on display in our showroom.

Watch as Isaiah shows the Old Town Castine Touring Kayak.

Old Town Kayaks Sorrento - A Crossover Kayak
A New Color from Old Town Kayaks - Photic
Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak Features
Old Town Castine Day Touring Kayak
Old Town Sorrento Recreational Kayak with Skeg