Our Canoes are born out of a Century-Long tradition of Quality and Craftsmanship

Building Canoes since 1898, built by American workers in Old Town, Maine.

Canoes built to last a Lifetime!



Recreational Canoe


fishing Canoe


What makes Old Town such a Quality Canoe?

Founded in 1898, Old Town has been building Canoes longer than any other brand!

Built in Old Town, Maine, all Canoes and Kayaks are built here in the US by people who care.

The plastics used to build Canoes are top notch strength and quality, and all Old Town

products come with a Lifetime Hull Warranty. Old Town builds Canoes that are designed

to paddle efficiently, give good stability and fit all of the families camping gear!

canoe department 2

Pictured is our Canoe Department at Lancaster County Marine. There are over 70 Canoes too see!

Canoe department 1

Our Goal is to sell you the right Canoe!

At Lancaster County Marine, we stock so many Canoes, with the goal of our staff being

too sell you the "Right Canoe." Often times, you may visit a store and find one or two Canoes

in stock, so how can you be sure that you are getting the right Canoe? At our store we can

guide you to selecting the right Canoe, depending on how many passengers, what type of water

you will be paddling on, and what your budget might be. You will be happy leaving our store

knowing that you made an educated purchase, and got the right Old Town Canoe!


What's NEXT??

Is it a Canoe or a Kayak? The Old Town NEXT is a Canoe of the future!