Lancaster County Marine is your US Esquif Canoe Headquarters!

With over 75 Esquif Canoes in stock every day, our store is the Leader in inventory, model and color selection

and advice. Esquif Canoes are built in Quebec, Canada from lightweight materials, with a high quality finish.





canoe department 2
Canoe department 1

Pictures taken in Lancaster County Marine showing our Canoe Department. 

Esquif, For the Paddler. Period.

Esquif. No politics, no office building, no three-piece suits. Our existence is for the love of canoeing. 

Yours and ours. To use all our senses; to see the brilliant sunrise and melting sunset, smell the richness 

of marshland, to listen to waves against the shore or the rumbling of rapids right around the corner. To

 enjoy nature and to be a part of it. Esquif is a lively, young and dynamic team. Outdoor enthusiasts like 

you. Our focus is sincere. Offering you a canoe that fulfills all your specific needs. We are aware of your

 diverse interests; that is the reason Esquif has worked jointly with a range of enthusiasts; those seeking 

an escape to the natural environment, those who strive to paddle the wildest rivers, and those who

 challenge themselves in competition. Whether your personal motivation for stepping into a canoe is for 

the adrenaline rush, feeling your heart beat as the roar of rapids approach, or enjoying the serene 

surroundings of the wilderness, we guarantee to offer you a craft that will fulfill all your desires. Agile on 

rivers and ideal for expeditions, Esquif Canoes offer the guarantee of a reliable product that benefits from 

an unmatched expertise. Built without compromise by real outdoor fans, Esquif Canoes distinguish 

themselves from the competition with their unique properties:

Fantastic Maneuverability

Lightness and Balance

Exceptional Impact Resistance

Surprising Structural Memory

Excellent Buoyancy and Unsurpassed Comfort

Interior and Exterior Surfaces Resistant to UV Rays


Pictured is owner of Esquif Canoes Jacques Chasse during our 2018 Watersports Expo.

Esquif - The Originator of T-Formex

Owner Jacques Chasse was faced with a problem. His Canoes were being built from Royalex, a

lightweight yet sturdy material commonly used by Canoe companies building lightweight Canoes.

The problem is that Royalex was being discontinued. Jacques knew what he needed to do, so he

worked hard in development to create a material that was lightweight and just as strong as

Royalex... It is called T-Formex! Now widely used in most Esquif Canoes, T-Formex has proven

to be lightweight, durable and strong! Esquif now is the leader in Lightweight Canoes!

whitewater canoe department

Picture taken of the Esquif Whitewater Canoes on display in our showroom at Lancaster County Marine.



Pictured is the first load of Esquif Canoes to hit the United States, at Lancaster County Marine.


Pictured from left to right: Duane Hartman, Jacques Chasse, Dale Hartman and Isaiah Hartman.